The therapies listed below already include a 10% discount for cash payments (in brazilian reais) and prior scheduling.

We accept credit cards and debit cards with an additional charge.

Most Sought After

  • Nuru Mútua R$300 (30min) ‧ R$330 (1h) ‧ R$490 (1h30) ‧ R$640 (2h)
  • Nuru R$230 (30min) ‧ R$250 (1h) ‧ R$370 (1h30) ‧ R$480 (2h)
  • Sala Master R$100 per hour (Added to the chosen massage)

Other Massages

  • 4 Hands 2x the price of the chosen massage
  • Mix Price of the most expensive massage among the chosen ones
  • Thai (Topless) R$220 (30min) ‧ R$240 (1h) ‧ R$360 (1h30) ‧ R$470 (2h)
  • Tantric R$220 (30min) ‧ R$240 (1h) ‧ R$360 (1h30) ‧ R$470 (2h)
  • Relaxing R$220 (30min) ‧ R$240 (1h) ‧ R$360 (1h30) ‧ R$470 (2h)

    Classic massage, with a firm grip to undo tension knots.

Other Therapies

  • Out-of-clinic Service R$500 per hour + Uber

    Any massage can be chosen.

  • Surprise Ending R$100 (Added to the chosen massage)
  • Prostate Massage R$100 (Added to the chosen massage)
  • Voyeur Massage Price + 50% + Master Room
  • Hair Removal Check availability

    Hair trimming and waxing.

  • Lingam e Yoni Already included

Note: There is no sexual interaction between the therapist and the client. However, with the tantric techniques used in the massage, you will experience stronger and longer-lasting pleasure and orgasms.